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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Well Just a quick post. Tada, its the Kitty Girls, taken from their photoshoot for Gadgets magazine in cooperation with the After Market Mafia group, for the month of April. Yeah i know its already May, but i was just organizing my desktop and came across these photos.

I wasn't in the area, then the shots where taken so i cant brag or anything. just wanted to share these with you.

the Nissan 350z featured in the photos is my boss', well at least used to be. I think he sold it to someone.

None of the Photos in the collection appeared in the magazine so i guess its ok to share. I do hope i dont get in trouble.

Just click on one of the pictures to get redirected to my photobucket album.


Monday, April 28, 2008

Two Days of Agony

When did it happen? When was the exact point in our lives when we began to totally be dependent on technology?

I have missed two days of posting on my blog. I know its not a big deal, people gone months before posting another writeup on their own personal blogs, but understand this, i have just started on mine and i have set a goal of posting one per day for about a month so that my site would at the very least have some structure, not to mention content. A week and a half of posting and editing, i am glad it is now a far cry from when it started.

Setting that aside, the real reason for the title is that i have lost my internet connection for the past weekend. It wasn't cut or anything, it was just down. Calling my service provider, i had found out that a few of the servers had crashed and internet was "intermittent". Intermittent my Arse, try no connection whatsoever. I couldn't even load google, ya heard that right, the smallest loading page there, and i couldn't even load it up.

Starting Friday night when i got home from work, up to Sunday night, i sat in front of my computer twiddling my thumbs, hoping it would turn on. Well to be frank, i could have done other things, watched anime, TV series that i have downloaded and not viewed yet, or even play on my PSP. But that short break gave me pause to think, when did it happen that i was to dependent on the internet that i couldn't live my life normally without it. When i think about it, almost all the resource i get is thru the internet. Dictionary for one, dont know the meaning of a word you just heard, search for it on the internet. My metric conversion which i use to calculate distances, well i use the online version. interested in a song or a movie, guessed right, go to the internet. Trivia questions, simple inquiries, looking up phone numbers for home deliveries, even buying stuff, most of these goes thru the internet. Ahhh, i've even infected my older sister, who is now a fan of ebay and youtube. Pestering me every 30min or so, asking the question "may internet na?"

I could remember when i was small when i played with He-Man action figures, GI Joe, and matchboxes. Getting into computers at an early age, i guess i fell in love with it. If i could remember correctly, the first pc in the house, when everyone left to go to work, i dismantled it piece by piece to figure out and learn which part was which. It went terribly wrong when i assembled it back. but it was a learning experience. then suddenly the mid 90's the internet started to boom in our country. It was the start of dial up, where in that time, having a 14.4 kbps modem was the best you can go. An unlimited internet connection was totally unheard of, and a computer with a 20Mb hard disc was state of the art technology. Fast forward 14 years into the present, and were not only talking about faster speeds, but 24 hour, 7 days a week, always on internet connections. Not only that, computer systems have gone thru numerous upgrades. They say that you have more computing power right now in one of your cell phones, than the entire system used to get the astronauts to the moon.

Ahh, technology is quite something else. In just over 10 years, we've gone, from 14.4 modems to broadband internet. From a 386 processor to an Intel Quad. A 20Mb Hard disc to terrabytes of storage for the person computer. Technology has become a necessity rather than a luxury. can you imagine what you'll be using in another 10 years time into the future? well i'm just hoping i can get that far.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

WTF: Powerpuff Girls Z?

Ok, Lets get things straight first. Yes, its real, theres a Powerpuff Girls Jap Anime version. As you can see on the right, the animators have done a great job transcending these cartoonish cute little girls into the anime version to the right. But sadly thats all the good news i can say about the series. Yes You read that right, a series...all 52 episodes of it.

In truth, i have a liking to the cartoon network version of the Powerpuff Girls. Altho i am not a fan of it, i sometimes find myself watching the series on cartoon network along with other good cartoons like Dexters Laboratory and Samurai Jack. So when i first heard that some company in Japan had acquired the rights to make an anime version of it, i quickly turned to the net to find a downloadable version of it.

At long last, after 5 days of downloading, I've finally finished getting all 52 episodes of the powerpuff girls z, all 10Gb of it. Curious and excited, i watched the first episode, and... well.... all i can say is, I'm a kid at heart, i can appreciate and sometimes watch cartoons or anime made for children, I can even dumb myself down to enjoy a brainless idiotic movie as long as its entertaining, but i say, the Powerpuff Girls Z is something else. I have never seen such an episodes, nay a series for that matter, tailored made for small little children. I couldn't take it, it was excruciating, arrrgg... thats 20 min of my life I'm never gonna get back.

Well in anycase, if you have kids, and they love watching anime, this is for them. That's if your kids can read and watch at the same time, i really don't think that there'll be an English version anytime soon. You can watch it too if you can take it, but be warned, i think i lost a few IQ points while watching the first episode. I do hope i can get them back...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe on Discovery Channel

Stuck in a dead-end job? Daydreaming about a new career? If you think your job sucks, well think again.

Discovery has a show that focuses on various jobs that are at the very least called dirty. Aptly named Dirty Jobs, it is hosted by Mike Rowe. In the simplest form, the host, apprentices various jobs that, for some of us, never really given a second thought, or have never really realized ever existed. In the words of the host, "it is a show made to celebrate the men and women who earn an honest living doing the kinds of jobs that make civilized life possible for the rest of us".

In short, you never really think about what happens to your poo after you flush the toilet, or what happens to the trash that you throw away, or even how everything you have in your life is made. You just get up, get them off the shelf, go to the counter, pay some money and then use em. you never really realized the time and effort spent to make em. Well thats where the show comes in. It shows you the hard work and the odd jobs that we have all around us that we don't pay much attention to, but are essential to make our lives a little better.

As of now, its my favorite show to watch on cable. Week by week i tune in to the Discovery channel every Monday to watch the latest episode (check your local listing for the schedule). Done in a very entertaining way, its not only funny to see a grown man fumbling time and time again, job after job, It is also very, very entertaining. On a side note, you do learn a lot too. Educational information and facts are built in the show that is presented in a fashion that sometime you wouldn't even notice that you've learned something.

All in all, i recommend to tune in and watch. In the end, if you think about it, all of us, has a dirty job. At the very least, a dirty job to someone else...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Its a Hard Knock Life ( Insert Sarcasm here)

My god, it really is a hard knock life. I mean its so hard to find a job and earn a living. Constantly being placed in harms way, always enduring pain and suffering, the constant humiliation, forever disappointments. Work, work, work, without a rest in sight, but still i dredge on, keeping my sanity. For as long as there is a dirty job out there, i will keep moving forward. If I dont do it, then no one will...(again inject a huge amount of Sarcasm here).

Sarcasm aside, i just want to share these photos with you. Just recently, the trans Sport Show 2008 just ended and might i say was a successful one. The group which i work for (the after market Mafia, namely ConceptOne, Atoy Bodykits, Xenon bulbs, and Bilstein) won a lot of awards including Best Body Kit, Best Drift Car, Best Graphics, Best Booth Display and a lot more.

In any case I guess thats all i can say for now. If you want to view more pictures you can click on any one of the pictures and hopefully you'll get directed to the album in Photobucket.

Again, i cant stress enough how hard my job is. There are days when i just hit myself over the head, and ask myself why am i doing this. then i look up and find the answer. Aahhhh...

Monday, April 21, 2008

David Cook Rocks Again

I know I'm behind in posting this, but later is better than never.

I've always been a fan of American Idol since season 3 (Fantasia
Barrino), and every season there are fan favorites and some unexpected great singers, like Carrie Underwood in season 4. I didn't pay much attention to her at the beginning but she definitely grew on you and i guess the rest of America since she won.

This season is no different, i never really paid much attention to David cook from the beginning. He was really not a part of my pick to win, but surprisingly, his originality on his arrangement of the songs he's chosen just blew me away. I've actually went back to past episodes and watched his performances and i couldn't think of a reason why i never noticed him before. Its like he flew under the radar waiting for his chance to wow the audience and that came when he sang a different Billie Jean Originally By Micheal Jackson sung by Chris Cornell. Man, this rendition by David cook sent shivers to my spine. But it wasnt the last of it. just this past week, where their songbook selection came from Mariah Carrie, he did it again. Who Would have known someone would take a Mariah song and sing it like that. it was awesome. And this time, he arranged the song, himself, i think cuz there were no shout outs to some other artists like in Billie Jean. All in all, i can say, David Cook is a great addition of the American Idol cast, like Daughtry, and Bo Bice before him. I Hope you win bro, cuz rockers really rule.

If you want to sample the 2 awesome songs you
can get the links below. I know i'm violating some privacy act or some sort for posting it here. But all i can say is, if you like the song, go and buy it please...

David Cook - American Idol Studio Recording - Billie Jean (11Mb)

David Cook - American Idol Studio Recording - Always Be My Baby

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Forbidden Kingdom Movie Review

At last, the Blockbuster summer movies has begun in the Philippines. To kick off the beginning of the lot is the movie starring 2 of Asia's biggest martial arts stars, Jacky Chan and Jet Li. If you've been living under a rock, then the movie is The Forbidden Kingdom.

The Synopsis is "
An American teenager who is obsessed with Hong Kong cinema and kung-fu classics makes an extraordinary discovery in a Chinatown pawnshop: the legendary stick weapon of the Chinese sage and warrior, the Monkey King. With the lost relic in hand, the teenager unexpectedly finds himself traveling back to ancient China to join a crew of warriors from martial arts lore on a dangerous quest to free the imprisoned Monkey King." (taken from IMDB)

If your into the martial arts scene, the story of the monkey king has been a favorite legend in the Asian cinema spawning countless movies, shows and even cartoon/anime Series. I cant say that the idea for the film isn't really original, altho I'm hard pressed to think of the title that is similar to this one, i am fairly certain that the plot of an unsuspecting foreigner being thrown into a situation where he must save the world, has been used before. Setting that aside, sometimes it isn't the originality of the plot line of a movie that is important (altho it is very welcome), it is how the story is presented that makes a big difference. You can have the most original story and plot, but if presented in a bad way makes it just a bad movie. the flip side is also true, you can have a common plot and story, but if presented wonderfully, it makes a great movie, The Forbidden Kingdom kinda hovers in the middle.

I was waiting for this movie for quite some time now, and was amped to find out it was showing and i was one of the first people in the cinema to watch it. Well i can say I'm a bit disappointed. I'm not really sure if i just had such high hopes for the film, or it was poorly made. All i can think about while watching the film was this could have been done better. It also felt like the story was rushed a bit and i had the feeling that the story was moving too fast like there were missing parts that were cut, basically the storyline didn't move smoothly.

On the good side, it isn't a bad movie, it was very entertaining, there were moments that i really enjoyed. I was hoping for more fighting scenes but it was adequate enough especially for those who just want to see Jet Li and Jacky Chan fight off. Not to kill any dreams, but you wont find out who's better, they kinda end in a draw. Over all, if you like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, or are a fan of either these stars, you should go see this film.

My Rating: I'll probably give this movie a 6.5 / 10
Replayability: 2 Times
This is my Rating, Basically how many time you can watch the movie one after another )

Friday, April 18, 2008

Olivia Munn - A Different kind of Geek

Well there isn't much to say really. Olivia Munn, ahhhh.... i first saw this thing of beauty a few months ago when a new channel on our cable turned on, Maxxx. As one of the hosts for AOTS (Attack of the Show), i was happy enough to see a geek channel on TV that caters to my own personal geek, but having her as a host was more than an additional bonus.

Along with Kevin Pereira, AOTS discuss everything from videos on the Net, news on electronics, games, music, ect. with a different perspective. None of those boring discussions and reviews, but instead, done with humor and, frankly, a lot of stupidity, immaturity, and self humiliation that makes it, well, very entertaining.

At first, personally, I've already found Olivia attractive, but like a moss on a humid day, she kinda grows on you.
Eventually got up from bed and went to my computer to search some decent info on her and realized that she was no ordinary host, she was a very hot geek host. Able to leap tall barriers that separate geekiness and hotness in a single bound, crap, what the heck am i writing anyway? Long story short shes hot. Not just because shes sexy, but intelligent too (i think, well i hope so), also willing to do almost anything for entertainment. In the episodes I've watch on cable and on youtube, I've seen here bite into a sausage dangling from a ceiling, dressed up as Wonder Woman for a short skit on AOTS, portrayed the lead role on the spoof of the TV show Bionic woman titles Lesbionic Woman (see picture below), injured herself while rolling on the floor with baby oil (ya got to see this one) and lastly, i'm guessing since its cable, allowed (i think) to say a lot of words that any normal girl would blush saying, like vagina, and vagina juice, a few choice cures words, and the list goes on.

Basically, for me, and as of this moment anyway, i would like to label her as the Queen of Geek. To be able to mix stupidity, immaturity, geekiness, and sexiness all in one package. I salute you Olivia Munn, may your reign be long and hard.


At last, I've finally created my blog. After years and years of thinking about making one, after a couple of failed attempts (due to the fact that I'm a lazy S.O.B.), finally its here....So whats next?

For those who are reading this and looking at the title, its preity strange why a self proclaimed geek, would only now, just make a blog, well there are a couple of reasons for that. First off as I've said I'm a lazy S.O.B. secondly, and probably the main reason, being a geek doesn't necessarily mean computer addict, or and internet aficionado, there are all sorts of geekiness out there, like a TV geek, or a movie geek, or even a music geek. Generally I'm into a couple of geekiness, movies, TV Shows, a few gadgets, so i guess I'll write a few first before i specialize into something, if i do ever specialize in something.

So i guess thats it, theres nothing much here for now, so come back once in a while, I'll be changing a lot here, not to mention Summer in the states is coming up, so thats means Blockbuster Movies Galore. Check back for my reviews of the movies that are showing.