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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Movie Reviw: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Ok, lets just get to the point. Yes it is a good film to watch. A very good throwback to the classic Indiana Jones movies where the last film was 19 years ago. Should you go out of your way to spend 100+ php to see it in a movie theater, Yes. its definitely one of those movies you must see in a cinema rather than waiting for the official dvd release. Is it worth the money? Well yes and no. If you want to know more then just read on, if not you have my opinion about the movie, and i suggest you watch it.

Ok, now on to my long winded review. First off, i dont remember much of the old series. i've watched them only a couple of times in the past and i haven't reviewed the old Indiana films for quite some time. But i do remember exactly how the movie felt and the energy and excitement it ge
nerated when i first watched them. I can honestly say that this does not disappoint. A classic throwback to the old Indiana Jones movies. Accurately capturing the flow of the past films. Doing the same style of humor, and the same type of exciting action sequences. in a way this is the movies strong point, on the other hand, this is also the movies bad point. I am not sure if it was the movie itself or just me growing up, but it did feel a bit outdated and childish in some points of the movie. But when you look at it in another perspective, i guess all the Indiana Jones films where like that.

Set now in 1954, i think, after the second world war and the cold war was beginning (or has begun), it isn't the Germans that are giving Mr. Jones the hard time, it is now the Russians, or more precisely the physic division of the KGB. The film started out great. It was like landing in the middle of the film, now origins, no pre-setup of plots, just right down to business. Mr. Jones being manhandled out of the back of a vehicle in "Area 51" or so was written on huge door, or gate, whatever. Oh yeah, there was a few min in the beginning of the film, well best i could say, as a filler, i'm guessing it was there to help the audience settle in before they start the action. In which case i should give a fair warning now, If you havn't watched it yet, you might not want to read thru since i'll be posting stuff here that might ruin the movie experience. If your not so concerned about it, then read on.

Where was i? oh yeah, i was a great start to the movie. With out going into much detail, same old routine, something big happens, something was stolen, and its up to Mr. jones to save the day. Please insert comedy sequences and action scenes in between the points. Hahahaha. Just kidding, but frankly i really dont want to go into the details. I will however will go into my usual rants about the movie.

First off is, well' i've said earlier, the movie felt outdated. The comedy sequences were predictable. yes they were different, but they were only different in the way it was acted out. A bit of the rehash of the old jokes that never lost their appeal. Second, the plot this time was somewhat a stretch. without going into the details, what Mr. jones was searching for and what he discovered was really a stretch for me. After watching the film, you might say to me, "but all the plots of Indiana Jones movies were a stretch" but still, for me, this one was a way bigger stretch. Third, well considering the age of Harrison ford, you can definitely tell that its not him anymore doing the action sequences. There are times when you will notice it, but even the times when you don't you'll still doubt your thoughts cuz Harrison's Age is in the back of your mind. for god sakes hes like 65 now.

But after all these things, it shouldn't keep you away from watching this movie. After all the high tech, overly computer generated action sequences we've come to enjoy, watching George Lucas and
Steven Spielberg create such an enjoyable film is like a breath of fresh air. The die hard fans are, for sure, loving this movie and so should you.

My Rating: 8.5/10 (great throwback to old style movie making. You'll ride the edge of your seats and laugh at the same time)
Replayability: 4 (its a scale on how many times I can watch the movie over and over before your tired of it.)