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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Revoltech Gurren Lagann

Well heres my other Revoltech which i bought along with the Regult posted below. Its a very good anime. Its more of a throwback to the old style anime with super robots that defy logic and physics, but hey its an anime, you can do anything in an anime. So just as the Regult, I've posted some snapshots below, and again i apologize for the crappy pictures, i had to deal with a camera phone, a flashlight and a rechargeable florescent emergency light. I edited them as best i could. Just a note, if your planning to buy one, please do be careful while changing the chest accessory. you can actually change the chest, one with the shades and one with out. While taking out the chest with the shades, well it kinda snapped off and i had to super glue it together, so if your replacing yours, just be careful in taking it out.